Monday, June 28, 2010

They're Back

On Friday we received confirmation that Aaron's infantile spasms are back. He doesn't have the clinical symptoms but the doctor confirmed them on his EEG. When Aaron stopped laughing and smiling a couple of months ago, I knew something was wrong with my baby. He was responding to his therapies but very disorganized and disoriented when picked up. We start the ACTH injections again. Please pray that they work again.

This song was written for special needs parents and its such a good reflection of what we have been going through. There's just no way to put into words what all of this is like and I'm grateful that someone had it layed upon their heart to give special needs parents a voice.

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  1. I am very sorry to hear that the spasms are back. That must be so stressful for you and heartbreaking to see how it affects Aaron's mood and development. I will be hoping that the injections work.

    Thanks for posting the video. I heard the song before but never saw the video. It was very touching to see so many loving parents just doing what they have to do every day- parent a child with special needs.

    -Genevieve (mom to Zoe 3 1/2yo)